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Copper connections manufacturing


Copper connections manufacturing

El Aksa Factory for the manufacture of copper connections and Accessories
Copper bars
Manufacturing and supplying copper bars made of pure copper with the latest advanced production technology and according to international standards. We also provide manufacturing (airline feeder connections - nipple - reducer - coupling - bushing - extension joints), and all that is needed for hydraulic and air base feeders, and all copper sanitary feeders. Insert from half an inch to 2 inches
We provide all uses of sanitary ware factories in which copper is used

Copper nipple

  • Copper nipple made of high quality and all sizes are available from half an inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inches and 2 inches for installation, connections and plumbing works.

Product characteristics:

  • Made of 100% copper
  • Weight according to size

Copper nipple
Copper reducer

Copper reducer

  • Reducer assembly with a copper tooth, made according to the specifications of copper CW617N, characterized by ease of assembly and disassembly

  • Female reducer 3/4 in

  • Male reducer 1 in

  • Male reducer 3/4 in

  • Female reducer 1 inch

Copper coupling

Copper coupling

  • PG nickel half inch copper bushing made of pure copper to withstand extreme pressure and bonding.

  • Available in sizes (1cm - 1.5cm-2cm-2.5cm-3cm-4cm-5cm)

Copper bushing

  • Bush 3/8" x 1/2" nickel brass, three-eighths by ½ inch

  • Made of pure copper, free of impurities.

  • Long tooth for more strength and durability

  • Elegant and attractive appearance to blend with the overall look.

  • Thick material to withstand the strongest pressure and bonding.

  • Plated with a layer of matt chrome nickel.

  • Withstands the highest temperatures.