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El Aksa Factory for the supply and
manufacture of iron and sheet of all kinds and truss sheets.

1- Trusses and metal structures

  • Trusses and metal constructions

  • Manufacturing and designing iron trusses under distinguished engineering supervision and by highly trained technical workers to gain your confidence in our factory.
  • Design and manufacture of iron trusses

  • Design and manufacture of metal structures
  • Design and manufacture of hangars and warehouses

2 - Manufacture of metal chassis

Manufacture of metal chassis for products, machinery parts and equipment in general

Trusses and metal structures
Protection doors and windows

Protection doors and windows

Manufacture and design

• Fire-resistant and non-fire-resistant metal doors
• Soundproof doors
• Sterile areas doors
• Armored doors
• Main gates
• Stainless steel doors
• Critall and ferforge doors

Metal windows of all kinds that suit all sectors (companies, factories, hospitals, hotels, gardens .... and also, villas, palaces, houses, buildings and buildings)